Smart Interface
Fingerprint enrolment
Fingerprint verification

Each lifetime license per MorphoSmart device includes:

Free software upgrades for the first year after purchase.
Direct development support

The Smart Interface DLL (Dynamic Link Library) wraps multiple modules of Sagem’s state of the art fingerprint technology into an easy to use integration solution.

Now developers of different skill levels can effortlessly integrate Sagem MorphoSmart (MSO 300 and MSO1300) fingerprint technology into their applications.

What’s more is that the Smart Interface eliminates the need of acquiring an expensive MorphoSmart Sagem SDK and dongle.

Smart Interface can be customized to suit your specific functional or aesthetic needs.

The Smart Interface includes an easy to use interface document which describes each function in detail.

Apart from the easy to read interface document, the Smart Interface returns appropriate and self-explanatory "return messages" to ensure that the developers' debug time, relevant to the Smart Interface, is kept to a minimum.

Smart Interface for Sagem MorphoSmart
DupliCheck: a function to ensure that a single finger is not enrolled twice for the same user
Easy to use interface document which describes each function in detail
Generation and presentation of the enrolment and verification screens allowing the developer to spend a minimum amount of time on the integration of the fingerprint module into their application.
Fingerprint verification
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